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Fantastical Feats brings together dance, film, illustration and stories in a digital game which is accessible on-line on tablets, iPads and PCs / lap-tops (the game is not designed to be accessed on mobile phones). It goes ‘live’ on-line from 30.06.15. at and can be accessed anywhere anytime without the need for special log-ins.

Fantastical Feats aims to excite the widest range of children about reading, including those who may not be engaged by more traditional approaches.

Fantastical Feats complements The Reading Agency’s Summer Reading Challenge and its 2015 theme of ‘Record Breakers’ and includes a link to The Reading Agency’s book sorter.

Reading and stories are featured in the game in different ways – through the dance films, the game’s story (which is spoken by a child) and links to The Reading Agency’s Book Sorter. There is also text and narrative within the game to engage children with reading.

Children from South West primary schools and library Chatterbooks groups were heavily involved in developing ideas and creative work for the game through workshops and library-based sessions, including:

  • Creating four of the five Fantastical Feats which are the themes of the dance films
  • Creating some of the illustrations featured on the website
  • Naming the town
  • Creating fun biographies for the different characters

Tell us what you think!  Fantastical Feats is produced by Step into a Book, a partnership of public libraries in the south-west, Pavilion Dance South West and local creative organisations. We would like to hear what you think of Fantastical Feats– please email Creative Producer, Emma McFarland, with your thoughts / comments